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About Us


The fact that regular bee’s honey, which everyone is familiar with, has medicinal properties has been known for thousands of years. But, until Beehive Essence entered the picture, no one knew that it was possible, through bees, to strengthen the attributes of medicinal plants! We’ve managed to produce healthy beehive products while maintaining the dosage through scrupulous scientific monitoring.

The discovery of medicinal bees was sealed when bees fascinated our imagination, which especially excited us about their ability to maximize and strengthen the active materials in nectar. Our assumption, which has now been proven correct, was that if a system could be found through which it would be possible to control bees’ nutrition, it would also be possible to control the composition of the active material of beehive products.

The scientific staff at Beehive Essence arrived at a global breakthrough, which was the success in developing a unique nutritional formula for bees- based on medicinal plants. Each product has a unique formula.

The plant extracts, which are the active ingredients, are fortified as they are processed in the bee's body. This phenomenon is significant when several plants are used in the same product, since the dierent plants form a synergy.

This way, instead of the bees gathering nectar from dierent and coincidental sources, the bees which are part of the Beehive Essence beehives are nourished by an assigned mixture of “nectar” which is provided by medicinal plants. The result: healthy beehive products that provide an eective “solution” to a wide variety of health conditions and ailments.  

In order to understand the size of this achievement, it is recommended to pause a bit and discuss the amazing synergetic mechanism of the bee. Indeed, common sense tells you that the same medicinal herbs can be consumed without the mediation of bees and all of this hullaballoo. But, things (and bees) aren’t so simple. It turns out that when you take medicinal plants in their basic forms (as well as laboratory formulations of pills or solutions like these); the capability of the body to absorb the active material is very limited (the estimated of absorption is only about 15% of the active ingredients). On the other hand, the same amount of active material which have been synthesized by the bee, and turned into a component of the beehive product, will be fully absorbed by the human body. Yes, this is not a mistake, thanks to the bees’ mixtures. It is possible to maximize the absorption of the active material of medicinal plants to 100%. Or, in other words: the active material in the healthy beehive product from Beehive Essence has more than 6 times the strength of the basic material.